Saturday, August 30, 2008


Congratulations to Lady X and Joe on their engagement. Here is Joe's creative proposal which he strategically inserted into Lady X's Saturday afternoon coupon clipping section of the newspaper:
We celebrated this special event (to our surprise) at Matador for dinner with our newly engaged friends. I tried to get a closeup of the ring. . .

Here is the happy couple:

Peyton compared her "bling ring" to Lady X's "real ring". . .

Perhaps Peyton was wondering if Lady X preferred diamonds to emeralds as the rings sat side-by-side:

Schnowz & Sir popped in to hear the good news. They did a "Yenta" pose just for the Blog :-)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Dinner at Rebecca & Jessica's Home

Tonight we enjoyed a lovely evening out at Jessica & Rebecca's place. The girls felt like they were with Miss Louise once they discovered the hammock:

Jessica got a kick out of Taylor's sunglasses inside the house.

Taylor's favorite toy was their drum:

Here is a closeup of our little drummer girl:

I attempted to take a group shot of the pair of sisters but they were too engrossed in watching the Cardinals game. . .

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Zoo

Yesterday we made an impromptu decision to go to the Zoo. As we exited our home we had second thoughts as the humidity encompassed us in the mere seconds it took to get in our minivan. We ignored our instincts and enjoyed the outing.

The Sea Lion Show:

Peyton used her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse binoculars to help her see the grizzlies close-up!

The INDOOR (air conditioned) bird cage was enjoyed by all, perhaps because of the cool air OR perhaps because it gave Taylor the opportunity to run free. . .

The Carousel was a thrill. . .

Peyton posed us for the Gorilla pic:

Today we attended a "country Western" themed carnival at Delmar Gardens where we visited Great Aunt Sissy. Aunt Tina dressed according to the theme and greeting the girls:

Friday, August 22, 2008

random pics of the week

The checker at Schnucks commented "they look so cute, you ought to capture that in a photo" so I did!

Goosey devours his 5-scoop custard cup while Taylor eats her free kiddie cone:

Taylor enjoys a helicopter ride with Goosey:

Sunny invites Taylor into her kitchen:

To reward Peyton for her ongoing success with Potty Training she got a special surprise before we left the Mall. . .

One tired girl shows off her fresh pedicure:
Peyton's performance at Stages was a while ago but the songs are still fresh in her head. She was so eager to unbuckle her seat belt and perform that this video was taken during her third song performance in the Sam's Club parking lot, hence her "breathy" voice:

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Foxham Blog Readers to Sponsor LIGHT THE NIGHT

No pressure but if any of you loyal Foxham Blog readers want to support either Peyton or Taylor in their quest to raise funds for the Light The Night event, they would appreciate your support. Light The Night is the nation’s night to pay tribute and bring hope to thousands of patients battling blood cancers and to commemorate loved ones lost.

Taylor's page is:
Peyton's page is:

Don't worry about which child you sponsor. They cannot read yet so they will not feel bad if you give to one and not the other- the important thing is you'll be donating to a great cause. Even a $1 will help. . .just think if I had 1,000 Blog readers and you each donated a buck! Oh if only we HAD so many readers :-) LOL

Saturday, August 16, 2008


The girls began their day with a Jack encounter at Schnucks. Here they are proudly holding their red "Light The Night" balloons. We plan to do the actual walk September 12th. Call or email me if you want to join us for a fun Friday night.

Summer is almost over so we are cherishing our final days poolside.

Avid Foxham Blog reader, Great Granny, fed us a delicious meal at her home tonight. Thanks again, Granny!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Per Potsou's ongoing request, we hosted a TACO NIGHT . . .

Taylor was eager to ditch her feeding chair and play with her cousins. . .

Taylor and Sunny shared the infamous swing:

Patrick joined the little ladies for a pose:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Six Flags

Thanks to the kindness of Great Granny we enjoyed a day at Six Flags with FREE parking. The day began with a Scooby Doo ride for all of us:

The Smiths survived:

After the ride we found Scooby himself dancing near the strollers. . .

Dance to the beat, girls:
Our next ride was the Log Flume. Potsou and her three had their own log and we "smiled pretty" for the camera in our log:
The girls discovered a tiny carousel and rode it three consecutive times:
Looney Tunes Town captivated us for quite a while and best of all there were no lines :-)
After battling it out (me & Peyton vs Goose & Boo Boo) at Bumper Cars, Patrick hopped on a high flying swing:

Right across from the swings is TIDAL WAVE. . .Peyton and I enjoyed a front row seat with Patrick as we made a HUGE splash. . .
. . .HUGE splash:
Auntie Kelly found excellent (CHEAP) capes and brought smiles to some tired faces.
See this chick? She is one tired Mommy who detests going to Six Flags but does it anyway to please the children. I told the three oldest cousins to go give her a BIG HUG and thank her for hanging out with us all day. She was shocked to get the love:

No day at Six Flags is ever complete without a Moon Car ride. . .