Thursday, April 19, 2012

Taylor launches career as a DRUMMER


This Blog entry is a tribute to my sincere love of PARTY PICS. These were from ALIVE Magazine's 10th Anniversary celebration April 13th at The Peabody. My love for PARTY PICS only grows deeper upon the red carpet. . .

A mysterious hand holding a glass of wine appears to belong to me. . .
Mystery solved! Here we see the owner of the hand:

Here is Peyton's favorite model. Mine, too!

Adios, Red Carpet:

Cardinals smoked the Reds 11-1

Bob poses with his 22 year old supermodel:

Missouri Botantical Garden (1st Grade fieldtrip)

The class was split into groups of ten. Peyton's group planted basil seeds:

Tour guide Miss Nancy led the group on an exploration of the Garden:

Miss Ola approves of Peyton's eye wear:
Mommy & Luke's Mom made an "EMERGENCY RUN" to World's Fair Donuts for 4 dozen glazed at 11:48a.m.---just in time for our noon departure.

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