Sunday, June 29, 2008

Foxham Blog is LONELY (latest poll has only 3 voters)

Let's get serious people. Should I continue to BLOG or is it true that I have only 3 readers??? Please show me some love and vote in my current poll so that I know someone out there in CYBERWORLD is reading "almost-daily" Blog.

This morning we took our girls to see the new Disney Pixar creation: Wall E. The feedback I have heard around town is that women and kids like it but most Daddys say "it's just two robots communicating"...leave it to the women and children to see the deep messages of the film :-)

Peyton thinks she is HOT STUFF as she holds his little sister's hand and guides her to the theatre:

We went to Daddy's game and cheered for him. His batting percentage continues to improve. Yeah Daddy!!!

We celebrated another team victory by dining out with Uncle Charlie & family. . .

Friday, June 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Jeff

Tonight we gathered at Pizzeria UNO to celebrate Uncle Jeff's birthday. Taylor enjoyed every morsel and had a big smile on her face to prove it:

Peyton assisted Danielle in her very own pepperoni pizza creation. While the pizza was baking, the cousins nibbled on an appetizer:

Daddy & Peyton burned their calories after eating cake and ice cream:

Taylor rode a wooden horse and said CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE:

Grandma Wu and Taylor saw their reflection in the mirror and looks like they liked what they saw :-)

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Taylor and I enjoyed a delicious Chick Fil-A lunch with Tubbles & Miss Jhansi. We "extracted" Peyton from camp 6 minutes early and raced to the movie theatre for "Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium". It was a great surprise for Peyton to see her friend in the van and it even enabled her to sit still for 55 minutes of the movie. Since it was FREE, it was painless for me to leave mid-show :-)

Anytime Taylor sees a camera or a cell phone pointing her way she immediately exclaims CHEEEEEEEEEESE :-)

Please mark your calendars for Friday July 11th. It is "Cow Appreciation Day" at our Chick Fil-A. Any kids dressed in cow attire receive a free kids meal and adults sporting cow accessories get a free entree. Taylor will be wearing the cow costume Peyton wore Halloween 2006 and Peyton will be designing her own cow shirt for the big event. Come one, come all. See you at Chick Fil-A July 11th at 12:18p.m.:-)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Ocean Camp

When I picked up Peyton from her first day of Ocean Camp, she had a fish tattoo on her forehead:

Taylor giggled at her sister's facial artwork:

Miss Moshi had Peyton engrossed during storytime:

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Out of 77 pictures taken during yesterday's photo session, this was Daddy's favorite. Before he takes it to his office, I scanned it for your viewing pleasure:


We had a wonderful Sunday which included a special egg sausage casserole care of Lady X (thanks again), a trip to the Carousel and the Butterfly House (Daddy's first visit, our third), a BBQ, and a Daddy Softball game (Daddy improved his batting average by going 2 for 3). Unfortunately the camera was at home all day and therefore no entertaining Blog pics for my avid Blog readers. . .

. . . but today during nap time, I left and purchased some flashy Disney Princess sheets for both of Peyton's Twin beds. A simple "sheet enhancement" made these beds into magical pieces of furniture. Once she showed genuine interest in hopping into the "new" big girl bed, Daddy fastened the bed rails and Mommy made the beds. Here are some pictures of the proud big girl in her bed:

She decided she wanted her toddler bed pillow and pillowcase because it was flatter than the new ones:

Zoo Ado / Doggy Social

We attended the Zoo Ado Friday night and had prime seating aside the new baby giraffe:

We rode the train from dinner to dessert:

Saturday, we stuck with an "animal theme" and took Sandy to a doggy ice cream social:

Here's our 45 pound 6-month labradoodle with Disney & his brother Buddy:

One other HUGE accomplishment Saturday was our photo shoot. Due to various bumps, bruises and scratches we have reschedule the photo shoot 8 times! Ever wonder how they get little girls to smile? Here is a glance of Peyton's session:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Final Day of Pirate Camp

Yesterday, Peyton brought home all our Pirate Camp creations....including a hook (like Cap'n Hook's hand), an eye patch, a pirate map, a pirate mast, treasures (a rock painted with yellow & sprinkled with gold sparkles) and two pirate hats. She insisted on wearing one of her hats this morning on the way to camp:

Of course, Taylor was expected to model the other pirate hat:

She is quite a patient baby sister. . .

When we picked up Peyton from camp, she not only carried a treasure chest (decorated shoe box), she also brought this "Summer Camp Book" which explained each day- blow by blow. Looks like Peyton is our very own "Cover Girl". . .

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Believe it or not, our oldest nephew (a.k.a. Goose OR Patrick) is almost 8 years old. His baseball games have certainly matured....seems like just last year it was a herd of helpless little boys barely able to catch or throw or understand concepts. This year it is truly BASEBALL :-) Only difference between his games and a Busch Stadium game is the pitching machine is much more accurate than Cardinals' pitchers :-) That and the fact that sno-cones are about $5 cheaper at Goose's games! Here is our lil slugger at bat:

Look who was jammin' in the stands ( I absolutely LOVE this picture):

Taylor and cousin enjoyed chicken strips from their extra-small spectator chairs:

Sunny was captivated by Uncle Steve:

Monday, June 16, 2008

Magnificent Monday

Peyton began her first week of Camp this morning and this week's theme is PIRATES, hence her outfit:

Another big event today was her visit to "Dr. Papa" the dentist:

She was a natural . . .

. . .so good that she earned a prize:

. . .and then after dinner a wagon ride with Taylor:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Daddy's who enjoy reading the Foxham Blog :-) Papa's five grandkids showed him some love while he tried to watch the U.S. Open during dinner.

Taylor really enjoyed going for a "goosey ride". . .

"Sunny" enjoyed her kiddie cocktail:

Taylor knows how to kick back and cuddle with Papa to watch the final putts:

And Uncle Steve knows exactly how to wind kids up:

Uncle Charlie even found time to relax and converse with his bride today:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Peyton's Stages Debut / Father's Day Eve

Auntie Al took Peyton to "Stories at Stages" while I rested my red eyes. Rumor has it Miss Peyton is a natural when it comes to drama....imagine that!
As a volunteer actress, they instructed her to fall...and she not only fell, but she held her pose:
After storytime, she enjoyed the art fair outside:
We celebrated Father's Day with Daddy's side of the family at Uncle Craig's house. Peyton enjoyed the slip-n-slide while Taylor preferred to inspect it:
Taylor has figured out that she is no longer the baby of this side of the family. She studied Loren's every move and giggled a lot!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tea Party

Miss Louise bought the "Garden Tea Party" set for Peyton's 3rd birthday. Gung Gung bought the beautiful tea set and hostessed the 1st actual tea party (table for two). Peyton behaved like a little lady (or so I hope....I was playing golf while she had tea). Here is the proof: