Monday, November 23, 2009

Myrth (12/27/1912-11/21/2009)

Back in 1976 on my second birthday she was known as Nanny. . .
What could beat a Mickey Mouse doll while sitting next to Nanny for a Christmas Day (1976)picture?
Sitting aside my Godmother the day of my First Holy Communion:
Acting like fools poolside (1984):
This is the "album cover" to Myrth's first and last professional recording. It was actually an "interview" with me from 1984. I used to fool around with old 8 Track tapes with our family room stereo and one day I decided to tell Myrth she was invited to my "talk show". . .as always, I got her to cooperate!
Myrth was one of St. Luke's Hospital's most dedicated volunteers. She worked in the Medical Records department every Thursday.
Her love for Chicago shines through in this photo of the most spirited Bears fan. . .the shoulder pads were awkward at first but she quickly played the role!
I even got her to pose with me for an Old Time Photo. It was extremely difficult for us to maintain the serious faces.

Schnowzer's birthday gathering(1993):
Myrth and Buvie:
Here we are sporting our twin outfits:
Westminster College, 1996
One random evening we decided we (three generations) could be Viz models:
One day when I picked her up, I made her sit in the driver's seat so she could see how she'd look if she was a licensed driver.
She had such a tolerance level when it came to dealing with me!
We went to see Beauty & The Beast at the Fox. She enjoyed the Fox Club seats and the delicious food offerings.
A St. Louis salute from beneath the Gateway Arch:
When Myrth first moved to the nursing home and I got wind of a Halloween costume contest I found this surgeon costume for her. She won :-)
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse in to the life of Kelly & Myrth. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful memories. . .not just in my head but in numerous photos, videos, & CD recordings.

Monday, November 16, 2009

random pics

Yes, thanks to Uncle Bob. . .our youngest is a Rams fan. This Rams pullover is all she wanted from the Build-A-Bear workshop today. . .I must say, this blue monkey does resemble an average Rams fan!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miss MoMo and Miss Moshi

Chuck E Cheese was even more entertaining tonight because it included guest appearances by Miss MoMo and Miss Moshi :-0
Sunny even wore her "moshi blouse" for the occasion. . .

Peyton thinks this will prepare her for spinning with GERMANator someday soon:

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Taylor

Our THREE year old had a fun filled day. She brought some home made funfetti muffies to school to share with her classmates. The Disney napkins went over well.

The sisters enjoyed a birthday luncheon followed by a leftover muffie. Taylor's parrot stayed on her shoulder for lunch but kept sliding off her pirate costume during her party. . .
The results of our photo shoot last week:
Pirate table is set. . .
The birthday girl wanted me to cut out her face so she could devour it. It was as sweet as it looks!
Sunny, Pepper and Julia:
Potsou debriefs Miss Holly and "Marcus Aurelius". . .

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Six Flags (Great Granny hooked us up again)

Thanks to Great Granny's second-born, we got hooked up with another FREE admission to Six Flags. Sylvester welcomed the girls with open arms. . .
Taylor took charge of her laser gun on the Scooby Doo ride:
Taylor sits patiently with Daddy prior to experiencing the Shazaam ride:
Pilot Taylor requested a BLUE airplane. . .
Auntie Al and Peyton enjoyed a ride on the Tugboat Sam ride:
Moon Car girls. . .or as Kia calls it "Driving Miss Daisy"-
Mommy and Peyton after enjoying an intense spin on the Highland Fling (Peyton's FAVORITE ride):
Here is a glimpse of Peyton's favorite ride IN ACTION:
Auntie Al and the Six Flags Dancing Guy:
Hot Air Balloon ride was a crowd pleaser. . .

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