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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Would you EVER think of selling ice cream sandwiches curbside on a frigid overcast 50 degree Fall day in St. Louis? Peyton had a vision. She was coloring in the family room (next to our first fire of the season) and handed me a sheet of paper asking me "Mommy, will you please write FOR SALE? and then ICE CREAM SANDWICHES?" I did as requested and moments later our first-born walks out the back door carrying her blue table and 2 chairs and then her pink cash register. I tried to prep her for disappointment but instead Kia and I were dumbfounded when cars actually stopped and people purchased her tasty treats. There is NO WAY people would stop for me or anyone able to read this Blog but for these faces. . .and their vigorous hand-waving and smiling:

Heck, you cannot even read the sign. Maybe that was part of her lure the customer close enough so she could reel in the sale!
At this rate, Taylor will probably try selling hot cocoa on a hot, steamy, humid July day next summer.
Counting her $9.00+ profit. . .

Bob LOVES the Arizona Cardinals !!!

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Perfect weather for a fun play date BBQ . . .

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