Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese

Today we met up with Sunny, Potsou and Haley & her Mommy at Chuck E. Cheese. To our surprise, they have lots of new things, including this interactive racing horse:Taylor is built like a jockey!
Haley & Peyton trying to smile simultaneously. . .
Miss Peyton's "CREATION". . .she inserted the hamburger topping from her pizza into a piece of celery and actually ate the entire thing.
Still working on that "smile in unison" thing. . .
They managed to get a cute picture in the photo booth thanks to the help of Haley's Mommy:

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haley's 4th birthday

Peyton attended her classmate Haley's 4th birthday party at Pump-It-Up and had a blast while getting exhausted.

Haley makes her wish as Peyton and others look on. . .

Here is the official group party pic:
Here I am with Laura (Haley's Mommy) and Dee (Haley's aunt), both Viz alumnae.
The sister were all smiles after dining at Culver's:
Peyton is an official "ham". . . she saw this ICEE poster board and said "Hey Mommy, maybe you should take a picture of me standing like this."

Friday, April 24, 2009


Miss Honk flew into town this morning and we got to bond with her before she cruised to Fulton for Alumni Weekend. Here she is posing with Peyton, I mean "Ariel". . .

Taylor preferred to play the recorder . . .or as she calls it - her flute.

After their naps, the girls put on their party dresses and headed next door to a surprise party for Miss Julie.

Peyton has a new man. . .LOGAN! She talked about him from the minute she left the party until the moment her head hit her pillow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The little ladies had a full day including a trip to the Zoo and a Cardinals baseball game. We began the day bright and early with Coomare and Sunny at the Zoo:
The Reptile House captivated everyone. . .
The Penguins & Puffins were too stinky for Sunny and Potsou to enter the exhibit but Peyton & Taylor sure enjoyed the 40 degree surroundings.
I call this pic "Gung's Gals". . .

On our way home we stopped by the Missouri Baking Company for some cookies and their infamous chocolate drops. Taylor ate a Cardinals cookie:
While Peyton devoured an Earth Day cookie:
Before entering Busch Stadium we found our family brick and posed:
Little T was a bit clueless as to why we though the brick was so cool.
Daddy and his daughters just before the Anthem.
Peyton (with Daddy;s help) caught the ball tossed by a Cardinal after the top of the 1st inning! I have been trying to do this for YEARS but little did I know all you really need is a cute child by your side to attract the ball!!!
BIG HUG to celebrate Taylor getting the ball tossed to the fans after the top of the 2nd inning. SERIOUSLY she and I got it! Initially I caught the ball as it was landing in an 8 year old boy's glove. . .then I was a MATURE ADULT and gave it to the kid. When Pujols saw the look of sheer frustration and disgust on my face he tossed a ball straight to me and Little T! :-)
See the chick in the red #4 MOLINA shirt? She is like I used to be...desperate for a ball but childless :-) I let her borrow Peyton. Our attempt failed :-(

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Our infamous Auntie Nana (a.k.a. Ola Mae Truelove) has recently launched her travel business. There are plenty of deals through her me, I just pulled up some Disney trips and compared them to already quoted vacations and they are deals. If you are ready for a vacations, check it out:

Peyton & Taylor and I drove to Collinsville, IL to see Auntie Nana in action with her new venture. The girls were captivated listening to some speakers during lunch. Peyton could have lasted until 3p.m. but Little T was a bit anxious to get out of her seat and run like a wild child. Licking her lips after devouring a chocolate chip cookie: QUITA QUITA QUITA!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

2nd Annual Spring Playdate with Panther & Stella & family

The award for "biggest smile" goes to Drew!

Jack and Taylor played well together:
Our 5th ball pit. The other 4 have been punctured :-0
Hugs. . . "Hanz & Franz" made a scrumptious pizza:

Zach adds some final toppings:
The cookie is smiling but Clark is serious.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Little Ladies (a.k.a Colleen & Taylor) luncheon with Gung:

China 1 outing:
Enjoying the Spring sunshine. Taylor still insists on wearing her shades upside down!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Here is Peyton proudly posing with her "partner in crime" and favorite cousin these days. . .LUKE!Woohoo and Baby Loren with me and my ladies:

The Wu family pic:
Peyton in hot pursuit of eggs:
Taylor doesn't really look like an aggressive egg hunter. More like she is shopping for an egg or two.
She prefers to ride the horsey!
Sunny and Peyton: