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Peyton knows the harmful power of drugs

Peyton receives a Cardinals Build-A-Bear from Fredbird and Andy Benes at her school's "Stay in School & Say NO to Drugs" assembly. When asked "What can happen to you if you use drugs?" Peyton quickly responded "DRUGS WILL KILL YOU!" I attribute her knowledge to her constant questioning of MJ's overdose death. Anytime she or Taylor ask how Michael died I say "he took too much medicine. You should only take medicine if your doctor tells you to take it."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cathedral Basilica

Peyton asked me about the Cathedral a few times last week and I suggested we go on a field trip so she could see for herself how beautiful the decor is within the ornate Basilica. Here is a picture of the sister taken after 10 o'clock Mass:

Msgr Pins said Mass and recognized us in the front pew. . .his prior assignment was at Ascension parish. We visited with him after Mass and posed for a photo. Daddy (photographer) forgot to have us pose so the glare of the sun didn't mess up the quality...maybe next time :-)
Our early lunch was at Fitz's per the girls' request.

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